Marica Innocente


Intimacy is a characteristic bound to the concept of the couple, of two individuals that are in-complete and become one being. Are we brainwashed by society to assume that? Do we feel obliged to create intimacy with our lovers?

When I was a child, I was sure I would be able to reach the same intimacy as the families I watched on Television. My family was an emotional incident. My maternal figures were completely at the mercy of mood swings and contradictions, I learnt not to trust them, instead, I decided to spend a lot of time with men(s). My idea of romance and intimacy has increasingly turned into something that is not acceptable by society. At least for being a woman.

For a long time, I have craved intimacy (is this because I was pushed to, or because I wanted it)? It’s only now I’m starting to wonder what it is for me: I found myself reconnecting with my ex-partners and challenging them.

Is there an intimacy only for myself, that I can enjoy alone? In these photographs I continue to explore what was born with others, it’s a work in process.


Written by: Marica Innocente