Chris Tadeo

Plutôt Nous


Plutôt Nous depicts the body presence in any act of our human life through an intimate diary where I face women in an attempt to explore my own relationship with them. In current society, the media constantly censures the human body; obviously, this has led to people being shocked or even ashamed of their own bodies, forgetting that we all come into this world unadorned. Little by little we see how nude pictures are still seen as grotesque and hideous even when we constantly see nudity on the social platforms comments on peoples private lives, their political views, their daily routines or even their relationship issues.
This project engages with an audience to notice how nudity is present in all aspects of our lives and society, and still we avoid nudity leading society to dehumanization, id est, bodies treated as objects overall in this sexist, male dominated society.



Title: Plutôt Nous
Artist: Chris Tadeo
Design: Chris Tadeo
Year: 2016
Edition: 1st Edition of 30 handmade and numbered copies
Size: 33 pages (9x13)


Written by: Chris Tadeo