Feature : Marcin Ciszek

Marcin Ciszek is a Polish born photographer, videographer and experimental film-maker based in London. His work investigates identity and the role of the subject in various genres. He is interested in: mental health, alienation, selfness and urban living.

Ecstasy/Devotion promotes a reflection about male sexual identification and is an action targeted at myths and common interpretation of male body in media. Photographs, taken in Marcin’s bedroom, expose aspects of identity that are personal and intimate. Ecstasy/Devotion expresses differences between self-perception in relation to perception of society and its expectations about men’s beauty and sexual identity.

The project aims to express self-possession, self-absorption and vanity that appears powerful and vulnerable. Self-portrayed artist is being himself and acts at being himself in the front of a digital camera with self-timer.

The project comprises of ten black and white photographs. Selected eight pictures have been printed in 2013 on a folded sheet of A4 paper with one picture repeated at the reverse and published in the form of pocket size zine distributed later in London public transport (zines were inserted inside Metro newspaper).

Website: www.marcinciszek.com